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Be Careful when Packing Valuables

Everyone has items that they class as valuable. This needn’t be items that are valuable in a material sense but valuable to someone for emotional reasons. These items are the things that people want to keep safer than most of their other things. These tips will help you keep those precious items safe during a move.Keep them separateIt may seem obvious but it is something that people often overlook. Keeping valuable items separate from the general packing will offer more protection during the move. If your valuable item is some fine china keep it to one side and don’t pack it in a box with other plates and bowls. Keeping them separate also means you can ensure their safety by keeping them with you during transit. Rather than placing those in trust of a removal man pack them in your own vehicle. This will give you peace of mind that the item isn’t being banged around in the back of a van.Use a specialistIf your item is too big for you to pack into your own vehicle using a specialist may be the better option. There are numerous companies that offer specialised removal facilities for valuable items like antique cabinets or pianos. These companies will often use their expertise to pack the item correctly and transport it safely. If the company offers the service of the packing that can leave you at ease that it is being transported with care. These specialised companies often also offer insurance policies to cover expensive items, so if the worst happens you are not left out of pocket. Use packaging paddingIn the instances where the valuable item is fragile make sure you adequately wrap the item. Materials like Styrofoam, bubble wrap and paper can all be used to give added protection to your important bits and pieces. If an item is valuable to you spare no expense while packing it. The few extra pence you may spend on bubble wrap could be the difference between your object making it to your new property in one piece or in two pieces.Mark the boxesIf you do choose to pack your valuables in boxes make sure you mark the box. If the box has fragile or important in bold capitals across the side people will be more careful while handling it. Removal companies will take greater care with these marked boxes and often place them in the van last so they don’t get crushed, and take them out first upon arrival. This allows you to put that particular box in a safe place so it isn’t tripped over a squashed.InsuranceAs mentioned with the specialist removals, insurance is important. You do not want to be left out of pocket and with a broken heirloom so make sure you have a policy that covers you and your valuables in the worst case scenario. Make sure you check the policy thoroughly as certain things may not be covered, for example accidental damage. Some household insurance will offer protection for moving, but you may need to take out a dedicated policy separately, so again check your policy and never assume you are covered. Don’t leave items unattendedIt may seem obvious but don’t leave boxes on the street, or vehicles open. Thefts are prevalent nationwide and thieves are opportunists so if they see unattended boxes they will not hesitate taking them. If you think you may need to leave things outside while you are moving make sure someone is always on hand to keep an eye on them.