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Electronic Devices: How are they best moved?

Are you one of those people who love your gadget and electronic devices more than your other belongings?  Well, if you are, you should take these few tips on how you can best move them without putting much danger to their physical appearance:
    Computers. You may be a little less problematic in packing a computer if you have the netbooks or the laptops because these can be actually hand carried.  However, if you have a desktop with high end peripherals like printers, scanners, huge additional monitors, the challenge may be a little pressing.  You should use bubble wraps or other cushioning materials to protect each part of the system.
  LCD, LED, and Plasma Television.   If you are bringing in huge television sets in your moving out, then you have to make sure that all other parts like home theaters, antennas, and others are disassembled for easy moving out.   There are other TV sets that require further adjustments be made before they transported as this can damage the entire system.  Put these in a box and make sure that they are labeled fragile or handle with care.
These are some of the guidelines that you can follow in order to ensure that your devices are safely travelled.