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Foolproof Property Selling Tips

So, you're planning on moving home, then. There's a million reasons to do so; whether it's because of a new job or because your circumstances necessitate it in a different way, you've got to figure out the best way to sell your old property. Because, let's be honest - in order to move house you have to sell your old one. Don't get too flustered, though, because here's a few top tips to make your house as enticing as possible. From presentation, to pricing and marketing, all of the bases are going to be covered;The obvious first step is to make sure everything looks right. Do all of the decorating as soon as possible. If somewhere needs repainting or papering do it in as far advance as you can manage – the smell of paint and wallpaper paste is not pleasant to anyone's noses, especially prospective buyers. Repairs need to be done as well, even if it's as small as a cracked skirting board – you need to get it seen to. If any guttering or shingles are hanging off the roof, get them reattached or replaced too. Give everywhere a good clean – the walls need to be spotless, the carpet shampooed and the other floors properly dusted. Don't overlook any corner, be as thorough as possible with the cleaning process. If you don't feel confident in your DIY skills, or you don't feel you have the right tools for the cleaning tasks, then hire a professional. They'll sort everything out, as long as you don't mind parting with a bit of cash.Now that everywhere looks as good as it can be, it's time to figure out the how to price and advertise the property. Take a look around the house market yourself, see what houses with similar locations and specifications are going for. It would be wise not to try to set the pricing curve, because you run the risk of overpricing, and that's not going to help your house sell, especially in these economic times. Though, that being said, negotiations are a big part of house buying and selling, so be mindful that the sticker price is not set in stone by any stretch of the imagination.With a rough price in mind, its time to show your property in the best light. When the viewing public start appearing, take every opportunity to make them feel at home. Lay out some light snacks so they feel welcomed, and open the curtains and windows to make the house feel more open. By making the place feel open, you're allowing the viewers to imagine what the home would be like if they bought it - ideas will form in their heads, and that's definitely a good thing. It also helps if you don't walk around the house with them, they're trying to imagine it as their house, after all. All of these small things can add up to an offer.Once you've got the offer you want, you can put down your deposit on your new house, and your life can enter a new chapter. You too can start wondering about the possibilities that a new house can bring, and start making it truly yours.