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How to Keep Your Business Going During Office Removal

Relocating your office premises is a big move no matter what kind of business you own. It is essential to keep the downtime to a minimum. If you fail to provide service to your clients for long this can be crucial for your business. In order to keep the business running and preserve its success you need a great office moving plan for you and your employees.
Here are some of the basic questions which you need to consider before an office move.

Should You Hire A Consultant?
An outside moving consultant can do wonders for your plan and organization of the move. If you are short on staff and time it's a good idea to consider hiring such a professional to cope with the major plans. If you decide to hire some of your staff to do the planning then this will be expense for the company. Hiring just one consultant can save you some money and lots of stress. There are plenty of details surrounding an office move. It's wrong to assume that you can manage with one just as easily as you have with a house move. The two removals cannot be any more different. Since there is so much to deal with when it comes to an office removal, a consultant is the person who can help you keep your business running during that process.

How About The Communications Plan?
A big part of every office relocation is communicating this change with the staff. You need to inform them as soon as you know that you are facing a move and then after you know the specific date. You should also inform business partners and clients. The internal plan for the move should include your employees too. Allow them to ask questions and give ideas or advice. If you manage to involve more of your employees in the initial process of decision-making it will be much easier to count on their help and assistance. Moreover, this will bring the team together. Be clear when you talk about your goals - if you don't want to lose money during the relocation your business needs to keep going. Organize a meeting and inform everyone when there is some change in the plan. Make sure everyone knows what they need to do closer to the day of the move. Plan how to do things so that the working process doesn't stop. The easiest way is to move during the weekend, but it may take longer than two days to set up the new office premises and the equipment. You could ask your employees to pack their desks and drawers on Friday afternoon so the work doesn't have to stop. Leave the computers and other equipment for last. These should be packed by the movers as they know the safest ways to pack such equipment and transport it damage-free.

So When Should You Move?
You should consider two times: the time of year and which day of the week. These factors both affect your business and the price you will have to pay for the move. The peak season is summer and the peak time of the week is the weekend. Why don't you schedule a winter move or a spring one?

How Long Will It Take?
It all depends on the size of your office premises and the amount of equipment. If you want to move faster you need to talk to the removals company agent about the easiest option. If you have access to the new office before the move you can transport some of the files and documents yourself.