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Making Yourself Comfortable in Your First Dorm Room

Regardless of whether you're comfortable with moving out of the house and you're your first dorm room, it would really help you to personalize your part of the room, or even to do this together with your roommate. Personalizing your room will help you to adjust better to your new circumstances and make studying and resting in your room as comfortable as possible.
First, move in properly. Many campuses will offer orientations where you can learn all the essential information about moving into a dorm. These will include things such as scholarships or subsidy and dorm policies. Some dorms may have special events for those who are moving in. Be sure to attend these so that you can get to know the staff and the dormers.
Next, personalize. You may find that whoever last used your dorm room didn't bother to clean up after him/herself. Or, dust may simply have already accumulated. In this case, you'll have to do a bit of cleaning before anything else.
Once your room is clean, talk with your roommate about what kind designing and decorating is agreeable to both of you. This could mean having a somewhat uniform design for the whole room, or drawing lines between your part of the room and his/hers.