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Moving Antiques

The issue with furniture that gains value as it gets older is that this value makes such things completely impractical for use! What is the point in owning a wonderfully rare or extremely old chair if you can’t then sit on it for fear of devaluing the item? In a similar vein comes the problem associated with moving such items - you can’t treat an antique wardrobe in the same way that you would a normal one, as it is both weaker and more expensive, which means that the risk of losing money on the thing is increased in every way! It can be likened to that of a piano, the thing is extremely valuable, very delicate whilst also being very heavy in many cases. This basically means that you have a rather difficult job in terms of how you pack, lift and transport such an item. The resulting issues are all solvable, but you may need to invest a little time and money in to the ways in which you protect your assets!For a start, you need to think about how you will pack these things up. If your antiques are of a certain age or value, then you will most likely want to crate pack them, which basically means putting everything in a large wooden or metal box which is purpose made for travel. The resulting packing means that nothing will be able to damage such an item, as the crates are usually packed by professional antiques movers, so the padding will be perfectly adequate for the job. If you are considering such a removal technique, then you may have the wherewithal to hire professional antiques movers for your whole collection, simply to ensure that nothing is at risk of any damage. These sorts of companies have larger insurance brackets for rare and valuable items than most removals companies will, so it can be a good option if your furniture is of a certain value. However, for many people, this option is just too costly, and whilst their antiques are collectable and valuable, there are few who’s furniture or art work requires museum style services. In these instances, your furniture is likely not too fragile, and can be packed up with card and bubble wrap, but will still need careful treatment. You can use flat card and tape alongside newspaper, tissue and a little bubble wrap to ensure that the item is well protected overall, and not at risk of being knocked or dented too badly. Be sure to secure all delicate extremities of the item at hand, many wardrobes will have detailed handles or feet, that could easily be knocked off, and the same goes for many different types of furniture with ornate detailing and craftsmanship. You would be a fool not to protect against such things, as they are so easily lost, and this sort of thing is what will take a fair chunk of money off of the value of the piece.When loading your furniture in to the van, be sure to pack sensibly, so that nothing can slide around. Place heavy and large items against the front wall of the van, as this is where the van takes most of the pressure form the load. It will also mean that nothing gets trapped under anything heavy. Use blankets and sheets of card to stop surfaces rubbing at each other and causing damage, and be sure to stop anything that might slide around form doing so.