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Moving Boxes - How to Choose the Right Ones?

Cardboard moving boxes are the quintessential item for relocation. You just can't do without them, at least, not if you want to keep your things organized and in one piece! They also allow you and your movers to carry items by the bulk rather than by how much you can carry with your arms. Make sure, though, that you're getting the right kinds of boxes so that your move will be a smooth as possible.
What do you need?
Since cardboard moving boxes come in several grades and sizes (and prices, for that matter!) it's best to know what you'll be storing in them before you actually go box hunting.
If you're moving small, light loads, then the boxes that you find at supermarkets and other stores may be enough. But if you're moving heavy material, you might want to look for a more specialized store or inquire with the moving company that you've contracted.
It may be convenient to just buy the biggest boxes you can find, but smaller boxes have their use, too. They work to protect and organize your smaller possessions, such as books or utensils.