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Moving House in Summer

Relocation doesn't always happen at the best time. Many people are caught in the middle of the working week and they have to plan and move as fast as possible. However, it is often up to the family to decide when to move to their new home and summer seems to be the best time. With children not busy with school and potential holiday days, summer is the most preferred time for moving. Many people don't want to relocate in colder seasons - they prefer the sunny and longer days of summer. Moving in hot weather has its disadvantages, though. The whole process can be significantly slowed down because of the weather. Heat also influences your health, productivity and road conditions. Moving is summer is quite popular, so if you are planning to do it, contact the moving company few months earlier to schedule a date. Moving usually causes lots of stress, so try not to panic even if most companies are over-booked. There are many ways to organize a successful relocation on a budget. If your chosen time is summer, then do consider that the temperatures will inevitably affect everyone involved in the process. Even the professional movers will be affected by the heat, so make sure you keep enough cold water for everyone. The process of packing inside the house, lifting boxes, carrying heavy items and sweating often leads to dehydration, which can be quite serious. Even if you drink enough water yourself, pay extra attention to your children and helpers. There are drinks which you should avoid on the moving day. These are the ones which contain caffeine, like soda and coffee which make dehydration worse. If you need to deal with a very hot and dry climate, arrange the moving for the morning. Even if that means getting up really early, it will be worth it in order to avoid the heat. Avoid wearing any jewelry, accessories and even sunglasses - they won't feel very comfortable after a long day of packing and carrying and can even cause injury. Wear light clothes, ideally made of cotton - a shirt and short is the best combination. A must before the moving day is to clean your fridge. Don't refreeze thawed food. Freezing a couple of times and then eating them can make you seriously ill. If you are driving a long way and don't have enough space in the cooler, eat such food immediately. Take a cool shower in the early morning, make sure everyone is dressed properly for the temperatures and do as much as possible before the hottest hours of the day. Leave the packing of air-conditioners and fans for immediately before moving. The movers can help you pack them, so you don't have to stay in a hot house all day. Make sure you have someone to install them as soon as you enter your new home. If you are driving the truck yourself, take enough refreshments with you and have regular stops on the road. If you are driving a car in the heat, take as few items as possible on the seats. Don't forget that your pets will need as much water as you. Follow these guidelines for an easy move during summer. It is one of the best times, having your children around to help you and making it easier to adapt to a new school in a few months' time.