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Obtaining a Removals Quote

So you're planning to move, you have a place to stay arranged and you've decided to get movers in. The date may seem a long way away, but now is the time to start thinking about getting the best price for your removal. But what's the best way to go about obtaining a removals quote from the surfeit of companies that there are out there willing to take your business?The first think is to think specifically about what you are going to need. How much stuff do you have? Is it a small flat with a limited amount of things, or are you moving a full house and a family of five? Have you already started packing? Doing the packing for a room or two should begin to give you an idea of the scale of the move, the capacity of the van you are going to need and how many people you are going to need to help you. Now for the quote. One important thing is to try and obtain a quote up front. This saves you from going through the process of getting into confidence with a business, spending time and effort describing your move in detail and building a relationship only to be quoted a price that you don't consider fair. A good starting point would be to check message boards on the internet for advice on who to go with and who not to. Who are people recommending in your local area? Who seems to be the cheapest? Who has poor feedback? There are also comparison sites that weight up the prices of removals that can be tweaked to find a company near to you. Talk to friends that have moved recently, find out who they used and if they would recommend them. Make a list of four or five that sounds appealing. The next step is to begin to make direct enquiries. This can be done by e-mail and over the telephone. The crucial thing is to be bold. It can be an awkward process withholding a commitment to a business until you are satisfied that you have best offer, but it's worth it. You need to be haggler! Sending e-mails is useful, as you can make one stock enquiry that can be sent out to all the removals companies in your area. It is also a good idea to ring around to follow the e-mails up, see if they've considered your e-mail yet. This can also be useful for sussing out how professional or legitimate a company is. A slick website is one thing, but are they courteous on the phone? Try and build a rapport with the businesses that you feel are the best for you. From here you should be able to get a few quotes, and eliminate a few on price and maybe a few on the company.The next step is to take your cheapest quote to the other companies you are working with to see if they can do the move for the same price? If there is a more expensive quote, but you would prefer the business, why not ask them if they can match the offer? Are any of the less competitive quotes offering anything extra (labour, bigger van etc), take this information back to your best offer and thrash out a deal. Finally, once you agree a quote, make sure it's all agreed up front. Try and get something in writing to confirm what you are paying so you don't find yourself paying more than you agreed to at some point in the future.Now you have your removal service sorted! Onto the simple process of the move itself!