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Taking Furniture Apart For A Safe Removal

When you move house, you may be worrying mostly about getting smaller items in to their appropriate boxes. These items are of course the most fiddly, and will be the most time consuming, so it is no wonder that they take up so much of your thought. However, you should try to spend a little time assessing the furniture, as there are steps that you can take to ensure that the larger items in your house are reduced down to being much more manageable, in various different stages. Given that the furniture will take up most of the time on the actual day, it certainly seems worthwhile that you would look in to a way to ensure that it is as easily transported as possible, and there are many ways in which you can do so. For a start, you should assess as to whether any of your furniture can be reduced down to flat pack form and then rebuilt. This sort of deconstruction will be perfect for the move, as it will then mean that a once bulky item is reduced down to an almost two dimensional shape, or at least a fairly flat, and easy to manage one. A wardrobe can be reduced to a few sheets of wood for example, which when bound with tape or strapping, can be slotted in the van much more efficiently than it would at full size. If you feel like there may be items in your home that you can reduce down to their original parts, then it is certainly worth looking in to. Have a look at the items themselves, and take a careful look at the joinery on them. If you can see accessible nuts, bolts, screws or allen key fittings, then it is likely that you will be able to take the pieces apart. The hope is that you were the one who put the thing together, and that you can assess as to whether the item was glued as well as joined with such fittings. With most flat pack furniture, glue is not used, as easy assembly is the mainstay of such produce. However, easy assembly does not make for hard wearing items, and you may well find that taking certain pieces apart willer slut in them being flimsy and ineffective when they are put back together. Aside from the complete dismantling of certain items, you should also think about how you can reduce the bulk of items that will not have been flat packed. Older furniture that is made from solid wood will have joinery that is meant to be a lot more hard wearing, and will therefore not be something that you can take apart. That said, the doors, drawers and other parts of such items may well be removable, even if the main structure is solid. Taking a mirrored door off of a large old wardrobe will reduce the weight considerably, just as taking the drawers out of a side board will. There are other practicalities to it as well, like the reduction in difficulty with moving the thing that comes with such taking apart! You will find that wardrobe doors and drawers are a massive pain when trying to shift a larger item, so removing them in the first place will likely be necessary form the outset. Be sure that you use the correct tools, and be careful no matter what it is that you are taking apart. Things can come away surprisingly, and that can result in damage as well as injury to yourself if you are not careful!