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Tips on How to Shorten the Conveyancing Period

Conveyancing basically refers to the process of transferring property ownership from the seller to the buyer. As a buyer, your main concern really is to get the transaction completed so you can move to your new home. On the other hand, the seller would want to get his money and move on.   Do It Yourself versus Hiring a Conveyancing Solicitor   You can actually handle the whole conveyancing if you want to. But that would be very difficult if you are not a lawyer. For one, there would be legal papers to take are of. You have to understand all the terms and conditions of the sale to ensure that you are not being scammed by the other party. There are also many regulations to follow as well. A conveyancing solicitor would be able to guide you through the process. He would be able to translate all the terms of the sale in layman's terms to you so you will know what you are getting into. With him taking care of every detail, things would be able to move faster because he already knows what he's doing.   Other Issues   At times what really lengthens the conveyancing process are the issues hindering them. For instance, there could be an ownership dispute on the property. Structural repairs could be necessary before the sale. So if you want to get the property and move in faster, you would have to avoid such properties. Again, a conveyancing solicitor would be able to help you choose a property you can buy without much expense and hassle. In the end, this could even save you money as well.