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Top Things To Check in Self-Storage

When it comes to self-storage there are some basic features you have to check in order to define whether the monthly fee is reasonable. You cannot be expected to pay for services you won't even get, but some companies will try to rip you off as soon as you sign their contract. Since the emergence of the self-storage industry this service has never been at a higher peak than nowadays. Businesses are starting constantly all over the world and it's not so easy to choose the right company. Many customers believe that all self-storage companies offer the standard features and that there are no special services; you simply store your items and leave. Although this may be the standard offered by some companies, there are more and more exceptions to this rule. Self-storage is evolving and owners know that in order to stay in the field, they need to offer more than the basics. However, when you shop around, check at least these features:

Good Location and Easy Access

One of the first things you should check is the location of the facility. How convenient is the location? Is it far from where you live? If it is, then is it worth paying that much for transport each time? Is there enough parking space, or can it be reached via public transport? Location is of key importance to whether the storage facility is right for you.


Check how easy and convenient is it to use the company's storage space? Are you allowed to access your storage unit whenever you want? Are there available workers ready to assist you if you need help? Does the contract require minimum duration, or can you end the storing agreement any time you want? Is there a manager present on-site after business hours? Does the company offer packing and transportation services? All of these little features actually make up a big benefit for the company, if they are all included.

Customer relation service

Is there a good level of customer relation service? It is a normal thing to have some enquiries at least in the beginning. The way the staff deals with those shows how good the company actually is. A reputable self-storage company should provide follow up service and not neglect you once you have signed the contract. 


The security inside the self-storage facilities, as well as around them, is of primary importance. Even if you are not storing your most valuable items, the safety of your items shouldn't be tested. A good self-storage facility should have a security fence surrounding it, guards, CCTV and alarms on every unit, secure locks and ideally a PIN system. You should be the only one able to access your unit.

Many features contribute to the monthly cost of the self storage unit. A cheap storage may only offer you the most basic amenities and services, but it would probably be located in an isolated part of town or in the country. Moreover, a lower cost usually means poor security system and less or no guards present on-site. An expensive monthly fee equals a self-storage facility, which is located centrally, has a good security system, offer transportation and packing services and the customer service is on a good level. As a client, it's best to look for a self-storage company which offers the best overall value for your money. You don't have to spare a big budget in order to afford that extra space you need, but don't trust the really low prices, as they might include hidden charges.