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Use Our House Removals Services For An Efficient House Removal

We know that house relocation is one of the biggest, most important and most challenging times in anyone’s life. When you’re moving to a new house and you’re going to start a new chapter of your life, it stands to reason that you want the transition to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. By using the various removals services offered by Balham Removals, you can make sure that your house move is a fun experience. Call us at 020 8746 9601 to get details about the various services we have to offer!

Before we take a look at some of the services offered by our team, we’d like you to know that our team of removals specialists is trained in the latest industry practices and the use of all the latest technologies and equipment to ensure that your house removal is as efficient, effective and timely as can be.

As part of a reputed moving company, our packers and movers are trained in the most effectual, time-efficient and space-effective packing techniques possible. We specialise in making the most of packaging materials and packing boxes. Packing supplies don’t come cheap and shouldn’t be used carelessly, and thus, our team is trained in maximising space without compromising on the safety of the things to be packed.

During house removals, we pack all the items room-by-room to ensure a tidy, organised and systematic packing process. We mark all the boxes according to the room they belong to, to help you during the unpacking stage.

Our team of packers and movers uses appropriate equipment to make the lifting and loading processes easy and time-effective. Most of our clients don’t understand just how dangerous a task loading heavy boxes can be. We advise you against trying to pick up heavy packed boxes on your own. Our removals specialists are not only trained in proper lifting and carrying techniques, but also taught how to use the right equipment to minimise the strain and speed up the process.

We also offer additional special packing services for breakable, fragile and valuable goods. Items like photo frames, fine china, glassware etc. are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned in extra packaging layers using tissue wrapping paper before being placed in boxes.

With large specialty items such as big mirrors, pianos and artwork, we offer specialty-packing services. Such items are usually very valuable and of immense emotional worth to our clients, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring their safety. Since these items need to be handled differently, our team has to be notified about the same before the day of the house removal, so that we may prepare for the same.

We also offer disassembling and reassembling services for items that have to be taken apart and transported. A lot of moving companies will only provide disassembling services but we understand that when you need helping taking an item apart, you’ll also appreciate help in putting it back together. We specialise in large furniture that needs to be disassembled and reassembled, such as entertainment units, bookcases and beds.

We invite our clients to purchase all the packaging supplies they need from our website, before moving day. So many people we’ve worked with have told us how helpful it is to be able to pre-order packaging materials from the very team that has been hired for the house removal. We offer high quality packaging supplies at affordable rates for our clients’ convenience.

Free quotes are a part and parcel of the services we offer. Many of our clients are working on a tight budget and need to know how much the house relocation services are going to cost them before they can make a decision. We offer quality services at great prices, and if you’d like to know how much your house removal is going to cost, call Balham Removals at 020 8746 9601 for a free quote today!