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Scams Associated With Estate Agents

Estate agents serve as mediators between buyers and sellers in property related sales such as house and land sales. There are times when they can deceive you with their schemes. In order to make sure you are getting the best deal with them, you must know some of their scams.   Undervaluation of the house   This happens when you force an estate agent to sell the house very fast. An immoral estate agent will use this chance and undervalue the house to fasten the sale process. They will sell the house for a very big price and make a good profit out of it.   They will not provide you details about buyers   Certain estate agents do not give a complete list of potential buyers. This reduces the chance of selling the house to a perfect client, who best fits in your price.   Presents incorrect information   In an attempt to sell the house, certain estate agents boast about the property and say that there is a planning permission to include a swimming pool. To avoid such tricks, it is essential to hire a good solicitor, who can evaluate the documents for you.   It is essential to lookout for the above scams whilst hiring estate agents. But, there are certain agents who abide to rules and work hard for you. Treating the estate agent with great respect paves the way for a successful, scam-free deal.