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Strong Points why You Should Decide Moving to the Countryside

Most people these days are moving out from their old houses going to the cities.  While this is rather a normal movement, people should also think about the beauty of getting a new home in the countryside, away from the busy streets, away from busy people.  Below are some of the reasons why getting into the countryside is not a bad option at all:
   There is clean and fresh air in the countryside.  Unlike the air in the cities which is not conducive for breathing because of it being polluted, the air in the countryside is very good for the lungs as it is fresh and clean.  The houses in the countryside are not being surrounded by factories emitting pollutants to the air making it fresher and cleaner. 
Uncongested roads pulling you away from all the hassles of traffic.  Since there are no factories or companies built around the countryside, the road is free from busy people and busy cars.  Since there are no busy people walking down the road or busy cars bumping each other on the road, traffic hardly exists in the major roads.
  Closer to nature.  The countryside is basically mountainous. This is because not a lot of people are yet in the countryside.  This makes residents closer to nature. 
So, with these, would you not want to move to the countryside, instead?